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A102 Cabin Filter

BC Filter A102 is an activated carbon cabin filter used in some DAF 65, 75 and 85 CF series trucks.. For Standard particle version see BC Filter C102

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A102 Cabin Air Filter used in heavy duty applications and interchanges OE and other suppliers..
DAF 65Cf.180 w/ NS133M 1998/3->, DAF 65Cf.210 w/ NS156M 1998/3->, DAF 65Cf.240 w/ NS177M 1998/3->2000 /12, DAF 75Cf.250 w/ PF183M 1998/3->2000 /12, DAF 75Cf.290 w/ PF212M 1998/3->, DAF 75Cf.320 w/ PF235M 1998/3->, DAF 85Cf w/ XF, DAF 85Cf.340 w/ XF250M/XE250C 1998/3->, DAF 85Cf.380 w/ XF280M/XE280C 1998/3->, DAF 85Cf.430 w/ XF315M/XE315C 1998/3->, DAF Cf75 w/ PFM 9.2L, DAF F75 w/ RS, DAF Fa65.220 w/ CE162C E3 2001/1-> Interchanges DAF 1347066

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Dimensions 432 × 169 × 23 mm


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